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The T 2 model

There are various writing genres; story writingggg, reporting, technical writing, screenplay writing; but what is distinct from all these is ‘the writing that gets you business'.
Business is successful when it wins the Trust of the target audience it caters to and supplies its products or services in Time . This T 2 model starts with communication. Sonali Brahma specializes in this ‘writing for getting you business', through the right strategy, relevant and hard working ideas; be it copy for print media or a script for a TVC or a radio jingle, or writing for the Internet.

Winning over trust

Sonali comes from one of India's top 5 B-schools, the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, a qualification that gives her a rare insight into your audience's precise needs. Many a time, needs are hidden and not openly expressed by customers. Unearthing these hidden needs and addressing them in the communication is the first step to winning trust, which Sonali accomplishes with the ease of an expert.

Time is money

With all the analysis that needs to be done, time is critical in business communication. No business can really afford to take indefinite periods to analyze its consumers and then create a communiqué. Delivering the right message at the right time (creating Trust + delivering on Time) is the key to successful business communication. Sonali's style of writing follows this T 2 model perfected by her.

Among India's top copywriters, Sonali has a 12-year experience in writing that includes work done for Indian majors and MNCs - Philips, Sandvik Asia, Tata Technologies, Thermax, Mother's Recipe, Nirlep, Oyster & Pearl Hospital, Mont Vert Homes, to name a few. Sonali is visiting faculty at SIBM and the Indira School of Communication. She also runs customized creativity workshops for working professionals, students and interested individuals.
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